Rendezvous Raffle Tickets

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Attending the Rendezvous and need to buy extra tickets?  Choose how many you'd like from the drop down menu above. 

Rules to the raffles:

MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.  *no exceptions*

Raffle prizes are separated into two groups....Premium and Standard prizes.  A registered Rendezvous attendee can only win ONE prize from the Premium group. A registered attendee can win up to TWO prizes from the Standard group (along with ONE from the Premium group)

"Premium" raffle prizes would include items such as custom knives, axes, gear packages, etc.

"Standard" raffle prizes would include items of lesser value or drawings where multiples of the same item are given away.

The maximum number of "Standard" prizes one attendee can win may increase as the total number of raffle items available grows by the time the event happens.