Lewis and Clark Coffee Pot

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In 1670, Bostonian Dorothy Jones was granted a license to sell coffee, and became America's first coffee trader. By 1688, coffee was the breakfast beverage of choice in New York City, replacing beer. And since 1819, Jacob Bromwell® has been creating this coffee pot out of pure copper, and we haven't changed one aspect of it through the years. Handcrafted from pure copper, our unique coffee pot holds 7 cups and promises to bring a touch of early Americana to your kitchen and dining room table.

Made of pure, solid copper and features the Bromwell proprietary hot-tinned interior. Considered to be a long lost art, hot-tinning is a manufacturing process pioneered by Jacob Bromwell┬« nearly 200 years ago. As a highly-skilled, labor-intensive process, they take sheets of tin and apply it through a process of heating directly to the copper. Hot-tinning makes each piece unique and historically-correct to the original design, and ensures your product is food and beverage safe.

Important disclaimer.

Do not boil dry or over-boil. If the tea kettle is boiled dry, it will cause the seams to leak. If boiling water, always keep the body of the tea kettle full of water. When cooking over an open fire, keep the fluid level as high as possible, turn the side-seam away from the hottest flame if possible. On a long spout tea or coffee pot try to have the water level somewhere in the spout.

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