Hand-Made Trappers Pack Basket


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This traditional trappers pack basket was hand-made from black ash harvested by the maker in Northern Maine.  It measures approximately 20" tall, slims down slightly in the center with a shapely bottom common for this style.  (Basket for sale in the one on the right without straps in the image provided)

Crafting pack baskets dates back hundreds of years to indiginous peoples in many regions of the world. Like many primitive skills this art is slowly being lost as younger generations choose not to follow traditional cultural ways.

Amanda DeTour learned the art of basket making from her 96 year old Great Uncle, a retired bush pilot and trapper.  Her baskets are functional pieces of art in every sense of the meaning.  Built with passion, attention to detail and built to last many generations.

From the maker...."One out of two hundred trees is suitable for basket making.  My memories are of skating along frozen rivers and taking core samples to find just the right thickness of growth rings. Once the wood has been packed out via snowmobile or even snowshoeing the real work begins.  It takes days to pound out the layers of each log.  Then hours upon hours to separate and score, cut, scrape and soak what will become the uprights and weavers.  But by far my best memories are when the hard labor is done and I am sitting next to my 96 year old Great Uncle Ray teaching me how to weave not just baskets but how to tell good stories.  Each basket is one of kind and true traditional art from an older time.  These very same baskets were used by trappers, fur traders and the Mi'kmaq, Penobscot and Pasamoquoddy tribes here in Northern Maine for generations.  I take great pride in continuing this traditional skill taught to my by a very special man..."

-Amanda DeTour

If you are interested in a set of leather pack basket straps please email john@badgerclawleatherworks.com for information.

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