BushBuddy stove kit



The included bushpot pouch is slightly over-sized with enough capacity for a cook set (such as the Snow Peak 1400 shown), seasoning kit, kuksa or similar cooking essentials.

The *ORIGINAL* made in the USA BushBuddy stove-

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BUSHBUDDY craftsmanship is known to be unmatched. We take the long and tedious route in making our stoves even though there are much quicker methods. However, there are no better methods to build a stove to survive through the test of time than ours. We use the best techniques of craftsmanship, backed by our name. It is not our business to build the most inexpensive stoves, make false claims, or use aggressive advertising. We craft our stoves, like works of art, to be the best stoves available and back it with a lifetime guarantee. As craftsmen, that is the best that we can offer.

The Bushbuddy was the first portable double-walled and heat-shielded stove that did not require batteries.

Being handmade, every individual stove is made with thought and is in a little way, unique. It takes great advantage over products that are stamped out, mass produced, and serialized on a production line.

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