Badger Claw Frontier Blend whole bean coffee


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Shipped in 12oz bags and custom roasted in small batches by the Java! Java! Coffee Company we bring you the Frontier Blend.  Smooth and bold its perfect for that first cup of the day from your kitchen drip machine or brewed fireside at deer camp cowboy style.  

Where I grew up a small mountain town in the Cascades of Washington state I spent over 10 years working in the coffee industry.  I starter as a barista hand crafting hundreds of cups a day to becoming the company's roasting manager and green coffee buyer. I was fortunate enough to learn from the owner who by today's standards is a pioneer in the world of micro-roasting gourmet coffees.  He and his wife still operate the Java! Java! Coffee Company just as we did back then....providing only the highest quality master roasted coffees to their customers.  

When looking to offer a proprietary blend for Badger Claw Leatherworks it was only natural to pick up the phone and reach out to my good friends and mentors at Java! Java!  The Badger Claw Frontier blend was skillfully crafted to be well-rounded in favor and suitable to be enjoyed no matter how you brew your coffee.

Delivered FRESH!  Rest assure that your coffee is not only of the highest quality but unbelievably fresh.  So much so that the coffee you receive in your order was roasted the same day it was shipped.

Life is too short to drink bad coffee...brew and enjoy!

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